Market your film.
Don't leak it.

Indee - the secure media sharing platform


Promotion and leaks go hand in hand. A video doesn’t leak till you send it out, but you’ve still got to promote it.

Here's how you do it. Securely.


Send all your screeners in one shot. Complete with information listed out IMDB style.


Have it watermarked with the name or e-mail of the person you’re sending it to.


Find out the minute a screener has been viewed, so you can swoop in and sell it.


See who skipped what part of the film. Or who replayed what part of the film.

You're in fine company...

...and over 2000 others.


Try it. Send yourself a screener below.


It's Secure


Have customized watermarks on each screener.

Disable views

Kill a link immediately, when you want to.

Track habits

See who's replayed what and skipped what.

Control sharing

Put a cap on the number of times it can be shared.

It's Easy

One-shot mailing

Get your entire database in one shot. Just upload an excel sheet.

Easy uploads

It’s fast, simple; you can even use Dropbox.


Compartmentalize videos under separate ‘projects’.

Multiple Managers

Enable different admin accesses to your account but track activity.

It's Smart

Expiry dates

Give your viewer a timeline with an expiry date.


Get notified of all activity. Be informed when it’s been seen or shared.


See what scenes were skipped or replayed and by whom, with our slick graphs.

Custom Pages

Brand your page, so your visitor can know it’s your video at any point.

Your film

deserves this.

Making a film or TV show is hard work. You've likely spent many months and a ton of money on it.

Indee is the safest platform out there and you can use it to market your film too.

Just ask Lakeshore or IM Global or Warner. They use us.

And it’s slick. There’ll be no links to cat videos or vlogs to distract.

It’ll only be about your film.