Secure Screening Rooms for your Films and Shows

Indee helps world's largest entertainment companies as well as independent filmmakers solve their content security, management and distribution challenges.
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Indee Secure Screeners

Indee Secure Screeners

Indee Secure Screeners are trusted by the largest studios and individual filmmakers alike for being the most secure online screeners for film promotion and marketing, in the industry.

Passwords Are Not Enough

Everyone shares the passwords you send them. If you’re using any other screener or video service, ensure stream grabbers, the primary tool of any pirate, aren’t able to download your film.
Empowering brands like
Amazon Studios
NBC Universal

Gorgeous Viewing Experience

Professional and sleek screening rooms to showcase your titles and video.

The various uses of Indee’s screeners

Leverage the security and versatility Indee brings its users to sell your film.
Promotional Screeners
Promotional Screeners
Send copies of your film or TV show to prospects across the world without the fear of a leak.
Award Screeners
Awards Screeners
Most leaks happen through Awards and Festival screeners. We make sure this never happens to your film or TV show.
Press Screeners
Press Screeners
Fearlessly share your content with critics and the press.

Understanding Indee’s security

Every copy of Indee’s videos are dynamically generated and uniquely customized for the recipient. With our security, you can be assured your films and shows are in the most secure streaming environment anywhere online.
Visible & Forensic Watermarks
Every copy that you send out to anyone is uniquely watermarked. Visible watermarks show the recipients name or email ID on the video. Additionally we have forensic watermarks which aren’t really visible to the naked eye but that our system can read as a fingerprint even if the visible watermark is masked.
Expiration Dates
Every copy of your video goes out with an expiration date coded in. You don’t have to deal with changing passwords and informing everyone multiple times or having copies of your video lying about months after the original video was sent.
Self Destruction
If our system recognizes any gratuitous sharing beyond the view limits set by you, it automatically destroys the screener to make sure it is no longer viewable.
Phone Verification
With phone verification the screener will only play after entering a unique code sent to a registered phone number, restricting any possibility of unintended link sharing or forwarding. We support phone verification for phone numbers across 122 countries in the world.
Stream Grabbers Redundancy
Stream grabbers are the most basic tools for piracy and enabling leaks. Indee’s multi-level encryption and security protocols make sure that none of your screeners ever get captured by these stream grabbers. We actively monitor new stream grabbers to ensure they cannot copy and decipher any screener.
Digital Rights Management (DRM)
Every screener that you send out with Indee’s multi-DRM enabled, supports playability across all the major smart devices like Apple TV, Chromecast and all modern browsers. We support Widevine, Playready and Fairplay in parallel.
Authorized User Accounts
Sharing passwords immediately removes any accountability and authentication. With Indee you add any trusted team member as Project Managers and they will be able to send and manage screeners for your project on your behalf.
Encrypted Streams
Every copy of your video is encrypted using AES-128 bit ciphers. We never stream raw video.
Visible & Forensic Watermarks
Expiration Dates
Self Destruction
Phone Verification
Stream Grabbers Redundancy
Digital Rights Management (DRM)
Authorized User Accounts
Encrypted Streams

The most in-depth video analytics

Understanding video engagement patterns could be critical for the commercial success of the media content in question. Our analytics help our customers stay informed about their content’s strengths and vulnerabilities in a manner no other platform allows for.
Viewer Engagement
When you send someone a video, you’re usually waiting to hear back from them. Indee will not only notify you the moment they watch it, but also tell you which scenes they skipped and which they watched repeatedly.
Video Attention Measurement
We cumulate all the viewers’ skips and views on your videos. This gives a clear picture about which scenes are losing viewers and the scenes that are engaging them.
Viewer Engagement
Video Attention Measurement

What our users are saying

We have really enjoyed our experience working with Indee.TV. In the past, one had to decide between either a sleek interface or security when sending out screeners but not anymore.
Ambi Group
Indee is an essential part of XYZ’s ability to successfully sell and produce films and projects worldwide using a secure platform to protect content and assure reliable playback. The versatility of the platform ensures that buyers have access to content and XYZ has access to meta data to help the production and sales process.

Pricing plans for everyone. Billed Monthly.

$0/ title / mo
Visible Watermarks
20 Screeners
1 Project & 1 Video
1080p streamed video
Engagement analytics
Chat support
Premium +
$35/ title / mo
DRM Shield
200 Screeners
Everything on Trial
Up to 30 videos/title
Encrypted streams
Auto-destructing screeners
Add project managers
Chat and Email support
$250/ title / mo
150 Forensic Watermarks
2500 Premium Screeners
Everything on Premium+
Up to 40 videos/title
Engagement analytics
Phone Verification
Multi-DRM Encryption
Bulk Screener Campaigns
Customized pages
Priority Email support
Screener Packs Available